lördag 21 maj 2016

Playing around with aquarelle colors

 Long time long seen really, but yay stuff happen and I am a lazy ass to not write about them really. Also facebook one of the faster outlet more or less.

But yay i got some of my old watercolur art supplies up from the basement a while ago, 
and start playing around with it.

 I got when I was around 13-15 year old by my parents on christmas I think or ir may have been on my birthday. 
But still some were around 15 year old paint but still works.

Also now I know what brand it is St. Petersburg White Night watercolur.

Also I clean up the lid and palette place because the was full of colour form when I mix them a long time ago.

So this amature is just paling around with the paint and see what it takes me. I was never good when I was young with watercolors but hey I am only doing it for fun and to play around with it. You never know were it will go if you dont try it.

I have miss watercolours and when i see watercolour paint it just look so good and i get jealous and I want to do what they do, but for now it just playing around for fun.
And I need too fill my empty walls in my apartment with something also XD

The two in frames a not from today they are a some weeks old so not very new.
So now off to do some more paintings.

fredag 4 december 2015

New dolls in Sebastian and Ciel

so last week was the Black Friday sale going on and, as normal junkyspot.com has a sale going on.
And you know what that means? Oh not?
It is shopping time for me. =D
Also I do have a new MSD bjd on it way from jynkyspot.com too.
They do have a sale on some of the doll in the store now so check it out if you want.

First I order was two doll
The Taeyang Black Butler Sebastian - Black Version
ISUL Black Butler Ciel - Smile Version 

So a nice box ready to be opened.

Well packed and this is when I understand they are bigger, than I thought.
they look so small in photos I have seen.
But i don't mind it =D

And out side off the box and free stuff.
Some tongue tattoos and socks so lovely and nice.

Sebastian out of the box I really need to get some good lighting for this kind of thing.
Also I like that the come with a stand.

I really like them as doll also they have joints, but not as a bjd doll with string, they are more as monster high doll in the joints of the little I have seen.They are plastic and it seems like they have a more kind of hard plastic for the head, and the body more rubber like body so to say. They are nice love the clothing work that they have dome and the face-up.
They come with sticker sheet that would go on they face over his eye and you can peel them off also if you dont like it.
Ciel out of the box. It took me some time too get them out of their boxes.
Also his hat is a bit pain in the ass. 
See if I can fix the problem later on.
I really love this out fit of his and it a great job they have done with it.
He also got a sticker sheet for under his eye.
 Look at those eyes so pretty those details in them.

Also see how big Sebastian and Ciel are.
Aura is round 40 cm high a MSD girl, also the shoes she have make her a bit taller.
Just so you see they are tall and they look tiny in the photo still all of them XD
I love Sebastian and Ciel and to be honest I thought I would not like Sebastian at all
but I did.
I would love to do detalj photo off these collectible but the lighting in my apartment are crap and, I am almost thinking of getting some form off studio light I need to look more in too it about more on how to do this better and more fun for me.
That is all I have too say for now.

fredag 27 november 2015

Mystery Mini Figures Supernatural

So I went to Webhallen.com too see if I could buy some
Mystery Mini Figures 6 cm from Funko
Becures I like the small figurs they do.

They don't have a lots of Funko minis, but they did have them from Supernatural series that I just got in too and love hate.
I am on season 7 so kind of far behind really.
Also I got one figure before in one of my Nerd Block so I know I would like them.

About these boxes is there a blind boxes you don't know who you will get.
Also some figurine are more rare to get the others in the set.

But i just bought a case also bought some pokémon booster pack too.

Befor buying from them, I check ebay first to see if they were cheaper there or not.
Well it was cheaper to by a case of 12 on webhallen.com
So I did buy them and the wait game is on
well I got the packed the day after I order it.
So not a long wait for it.

 So this box contains a box with boxes, and this box was in another bigger box.
So lots of boxes so to say.

Oh my, a display case and all them blind boxes. >w< <3
I really love the art work on it.

 One of the blind boxes almost all sides also you can see the the chances to get all the different on is.

They come in small black bags do you still don't know who you got yet.

And here we have the first six off them
And i love the scarecrow and all of them.
I dont really think i know who all of them are or at least two of them I really don´t know.

Also got to lazy to show you one on one photos of them.

And here we got the next set in the 12 pack.

So basic is, if I think right, are those that are 1/12 chances to get, would be in a case. that you are most likely to get it is 9 pieces same and then you mostly likely get  3 of dose that are more rare.
But i could be very wrong I just bought one case so I dont know if my thinking is right.

The only thing I know is I would like to buy a new case, but what to do with the duplicates?
So I may stay away from it just because of that reason.

Now I will have to figure out how to display them.

Sorry for the dark photos but I am to lazy to fix them.

onsdag 25 november 2015

A new head

Yes I bought myself a new bjd Msd size head.
I got it from Think Pink also my first time ordering from them.
It went well and easy they are really kind a the small little problem i did not see as one.
But still so good that they told about it and ask if i still wanted to buy the head.

So I order a Dollzone Head Freddy-2 at them.
When I first saw dollzone having a event with the head I knew then I would want to get it some time in the future.
But I couldn't get it at the time.
Later on Dollzone have a event again with getting the whole as a doll both head and body.
Sadly no money then at the time.

Now I did have some money to spend so i got my self a dream head.
I love doll with demon looks and stuff like that always have.
So I need it and got it.

He is so pretty and beautiful.
Also it gonna be fun too planing his face up later on and see who he is and so on.

So the beautiful box
Bigger box than I thought it would be.

Nice packed and I see free candy I can't eat.
But it is so cute I got it anyway =D

And stuff from Dollzone a take care guide and info.
Two free glass was in it thanks for that Think Pink they are cute and glittery.

And now I can rest in peace for a while.
He so beautiful I just die a tiny bit inside me.

 Profile for the head also I love the horns they are so awesome as hell.
The big reason i got this head.

Here he is borrowing my Fai bjd body it may end up as the new guy body
depends on one thing we will see what happends.

Also here is one with a wig on him.
So now I will see if can give him a name and just figuring him out who he is.
I really love this style of clothing he has on so it will be that for him.
Sill he needs a name a face up.
That was all for now and I feel the need to get back in the bjd hobby again I have miss it alot.

Also a bonus pic of Zev and Sebastian love them to bits <3

tisdag 2 juni 2015

So I got myself a Miniature Lop

I have not write here for a long time.
Nothing was worth of saying or has been important enough, and if I were on a lite road trip my camera has been home so ya that is it.

So as the title say I got my self a bunny pet, too keep me company in my apartment.
Form going cat thinking till a bunny is just weird roller coaster ride and it was a more of an impulse buying when I saw him that baby boy.
Two weeks thinning is not a long time and it just fast but I know what I am getting in too.
 I did have a pet bunny when I was younger, and after she die I did not get a new one.

So now I more or less got over her death and now can move on too a new baby bunny boy.

He is bought at a local pet store here at a place call Activa Zoo
You can get aquarium fish and other small pet like bunny, guinea pig Degus (to lazy to see the english word for Degus) and some more.

They know what the are doing and I rather buy from them, to get a pet that is already social and well care for.
Also he is so cute.
(photo from Activa Zoo)
Who can say no to that sweetie?
His nose is white and he is also a Miniature Lop or as we in sweden say drvärgvärdur.
So his ears will hang down and be all cute >w<

And this is his cage, it is big so he can be there in comfy.
Also he can run in my apartment too late on.
And I got him food and all that, it is not a point to put it in already.
But tomorrow is, will be in there so he easy can move in =D
Also need to do some more cleaning in my apartment.
I will talk abit more when I get him home.
Just now I want to update this blog abit.
Also going to buy some bunny house and a new waterbottel or a bowl for him.
And some more stuff. 

Bye for now =D

tisdag 21 april 2015

BJD Sebastian new face-up

So on sunday I decide to make a new face up for my Sebastian.
Sebastian is my first SD doll I got, and he is wonderful.
Also a Bobobie/Resinsoul Gang I bought from Junkyspot.
So after some years of having him, I got my self to make a new face up for him.
The company face-up was not exactly what I want him to have, also now he is more the way I want him to be.
I did put up to make his face-up for so long, just because I was afraid I will mess it up.
So this is not the first time I do one, just on him.

That is the company's face-up
Weak and didn't fit him at all, but it is a good starter form the company.

Here he is new and better fitting face-up for him. I still need to fix some stuff on him, also I think of adding piercing on him and ear rings too. But I love him and he feel more complete now the before.
He is journey has started and he is still growing and becoming who he is to be.
I just love this hobby in so many ways that I just can't express it.
So now some more photos of him in is mask.

So that is for too day hope you all have a good time and have fun =D

lördag 28 mars 2015

Lolita: Sweet Shooting Star skirt

So I did a order about a week ago on a Lolita skirt from Metamorphose temps de fille.
I have been eyeing for sometime now and wanted it.
Sadly when I first wanted to buy it, (or more the dress) for the same series it was gone D=
But I did know that sometime thing get back in stock again for some reason unknown for me maybe a cancel of some sort.
So I was indeed lucky cat here =D
Order it fast and paid for it and then the waiting begins.
So it shipped out last friday order it the day before and got it on wednesday.
Also got to pay customs on it, and it is normal when I order from them.
So around 1530 sek i paid at the end for the skirt and the barrett with the customs in the price.
It is not cheap but I love Metamorphose brand and some of their dress I can use even if I am a big overweight person. And if I lose weight I still can use them with out a problem.
Also it rare that I buy them in full price, so sometime I think it is okay to pay for stuff you know you want, and know they will not last long in stock.
I have miss dresses and skirt because I took too long to decide to buy it. 
Over too the paket =D
The have changes the packing form when I first bought stuff from them.
They were shipped in pink plastic bag, double wrapped and just the plastic wrapping around the clothing.
Now they have box with it and nice and more safe for the clothing.
Even if i miss the pink Meta plastic bag.

So the brown box upside down here just I don't what people to know where I live, the shipping adress is on the rigt side so XD

Fist sneek peek  >w<

On top was 3 "folders" or more product information on these series
 of clothing they're doing that you can buy.
I love to get this is fun and cute to watch and have. I will probably set them up in my lolita closet door. =D
 The the hair barrette and the skirt,  it is purple may look blue but it is not blue.
Purple tend to go blue when you take photos off it sometime.

Last in the box a paper bag and a stickers. So cute I have always got a sticker and the paper bag seem to follow now too as standard.

So now the skirt is on me so you can see it out of the bag =D
I love the skirt and the quality of it.
The print is amazing and I love that fabric they use for it.
Also the skirt is lined as all of the clothing I got form the that are skirt and dresses.
Last photos a more close up on the barriet and the fabric of the skirt.
that was the small update of this.

Have a great time now =D