lördag 21 maj 2016

Playing around with aquarelle colors

 Long time long seen really, but yay stuff happen and I am a lazy ass to not write about them really. Also facebook one of the faster outlet more or less.

But yay i got some of my old watercolur art supplies up from the basement a while ago, 
and start playing around with it.

 I got when I was around 13-15 year old by my parents on christmas I think or ir may have been on my birthday. 
But still some were around 15 year old paint but still works.

Also now I know what brand it is St. Petersburg White Night watercolur.

Also I clean up the lid and palette place because the was full of colour form when I mix them a long time ago.

So this amature is just paling around with the paint and see what it takes me. I was never good when I was young with watercolors but hey I am only doing it for fun and to play around with it. You never know were it will go if you dont try it.

I have miss watercolours and when i see watercolour paint it just look so good and i get jealous and I want to do what they do, but for now it just playing around for fun.
And I need too fill my empty walls in my apartment with something also XD

The two in frames a not from today they are a some weeks old so not very new.
So now off to do some more paintings.

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